potting up a Cattleya
what you'll need:

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If the orchid was not severely overgrown, you have easily removed it from its old pot. Select a new container that will allow for about two year's additional growth. Add about 1/2 to 1" broken clay pot or styro peanuts as drainage for a 4 to 6" pot. This permits aeration of the center of the pot. Place the plant with the oldest part against the rim of the pot and the rhizome 1/2 to 3/4" below the edge. Begin adding the potting media of your choice, here we are using Better-Gro®  Orchid Bark. You may need to push the media in depending on what you are using. Be careful not to damage the new root tips. Continue to add potting media until it reaches the bottom of the rhizome. Do not cover the rhizome with media. Remove any excess material to where the surface is level and about 1/2 to 3/4" below the edge of the pot.


In a clay pot, an adult Cattleya should be able to be secured with a single rhizome clip if properly placed. If necessary use a straight or ring stake for additional support. The plant must be firmly anchored or else it will not be able to establish itself. Prepare a nametag with the name of the orchid, any award and if you wish the parentage and date of repotting. Insert into the pot or use a tie-on tag to tie onto a pseudobulb.

and that is all there is to it, you're done !

click on the above photo to see how your freshly potted Cattleya should look



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